Student March Against Tuition Fees in London

On November, 19th, 2014, a student demonstration took place in London from Malet Street to The House of Parliament. Thousands of university students participated from different universities throughout the UK. The protest was a call for free education, like other European countries such as Germany and Spain.

A Critical Look At Occupy Central

Why Beijing Is Quiet And Will Remain So

It isn’t often that Hong Kong is center stage in world news. The harbor city is known to be a place where contrasts intermingle peacefully – the East with the West, the old with the new, the cityscape and the undulating terrain. However, the city’s reputation of being steady and orderly has been drastically unraveled. Mass demonstrations have overrun the central hubs of the city, with instances of tear gas usage, police violence, triads and even rumors of potential military intervention, the city’s usual chaotic charm of everyday life has been replaced with the chaos of civil unrest.


For the past 20 years, architect Gordon Affleck has worked leading international design teams in Asia, the Middle East, U.K. and the U.S. A firm believer in collaboration, Affleck employs sustainability as one of the core principles in his design. In order to understand the unique restraints at each site, he believes analyzing and comprehending the environmental, physical and social context are key. There is great diversity amongst the projects he has worked on. Some of them include: the Infinity Loop Bridge, Huawei R+D Headquarters in Nanjing and the Summer International Retail Centre. He has also worked on the high rise, Shizimen Tower in Zhuhai, not to mention the Beijing Olympic Games Multi-purpose Arena, now known as China National Convention Centre. In the past he has worked as International Design Principle RMJM as well as well as Project Manager at Cooper Cromar. Educated at Strathclyde University and now a design partner at 10 Design for almost four years, Affleck sits down with the Hong Kong Journal to discuss the state of architecture in China and overseas. Working for a firm with experience having worked in three continents, with designers from over 23 countries, Affleck discusses the challenges of being an international designer.

Dealing With Three Kinds of Logic in China!

Few things are more upsetting and confusing to Western executives, diplomats and globe-circling politicians—especially Americans—than trying to deal with people whose attitudes and behavior are not logical in the American sense of the word.

Even when Americans are knowledgeable enough to know that other people are not steeped in American style epistemology and logic they typically behave as if those they are dealing with should understand and accept their logical, rational point of view, and react accordingly.

This, of course, is a form of cultural blindness—or a willfully predatory nature—that is responsible for much of our misunderstanding and mishandling of business and diplomatic relations with other nations.

This cultural factor can be especially challenging in China, where there are three forms of logic: traditional Chinese logic, Communist logic and Western logic; and it is common for all three of these forms of logic to be at play in the same situation.

Erin Tjoe: Eco-Chic Explorer

This year, Chinese-American TV host and actress Erin Tjoe added another string to her bow by training for a beauty pageant representing Hong Kong. Tjoe is known for hosting The LA Fashion and Tailor Made programs and is also an avid globe-trotter, producing and hosting Green Travel Destination. Beginning her travels at just five-years old, Tjoe is now a strong promoter of sustainable living and the eco-friendly lifestyle. She shared her unique perspective on travel, culture, and the experience of being in a beauty pageant.

HKJ: What part of Chinese-American culture do you enjoy the most?
TJOE:I enjoy the fact that I get to be both Chinese and American, which means that I have access to the most special parts of not only one, but two different worlds. I love the respect and patience that Chinese culture teaches children, while I love the fun and freedom of American culture. In life, I play the game of “And”, so I choose to take the things I love and the beliefs that allow me to be the best version of myself from both sides.




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